Video: Ohio store clerk grabs sword, fights back against armed robber

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EUCLID, Ohio (WJW) – Exclusive video obtained by Nexstar’s WJW shows an Ohio store clerk fighting back against an armed robber.

“People fed up, you know?” said Dejea Steiner, who works at the Magic Wizard Smoke Shop in Euclid. “I come to work every day. The people that own the store, they are struggling, too, and then to see people go out here and just rob people and harm people. It’s not OK.”

Steiner was working Tuesday afternoon, when a man wearing a mask walked into the store and pointed a gun at her.

The robbery was caught on security video.

Steiner said the robber demanded money and then asked for THC vapes. She told him they didn’t have any, at which point he demanded other items. Steiner turned toward the display case, but instead of fetching the requested items, she threw the whole case at the suspect.

“I wanted to get out of that situation, so I did whatever I could,” Steiner said.

After throwing the case at the suspect, the two ended up on the ground fighting. Steiner then grabbed a sword that was near the cash register and started swinging.

(Video image courtesy Euclid Police)

The suspect fired a gun shot and yelled for Steiner to “get back.”

“After the gun shot, I just ran out the door,” said Steiner, who then called for help.

The suspect can be seen on the video grabbing several items and cash before taking off.

“The clerk is just very lucky she wasn’t injured or killed during the incident,” said Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer. “I am so glad she is OK.”

Euclid Police Capt. Mitch Houser said no arrests have been made but police are still searching for the suspect.

“There was quite a bit of a struggle. You can see she grabs that vape case and smashes it over his head,” Houser said.  “As they fall to the ground, she grabs a sword and takes a couple swings at him. She hits him but the sheath was still on, so it didn’t do any damage.”

Steiner, 27, said she is hoping the suspect is found before he hurts anyone.

“I understand life is hard, it is hard for me,” Steiner said, “I have been through so much stuff. I am even considered homeless right now. And I still get up and work. You need to work. We need to all try and help the economy.  If you get a second chance at life, please do the right thing.”

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