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Google has taken a pretty long break from the world of tablets. It’s been 5 years since we’ve seen a new tablet with the G logo on the back. Now, they’re back with the Google Pixel tablet and it promises to be 2 devices in 1. I took the Google Pixel tablet for a test.


First and foremost, the Pixel Tablet is a top of the the line Android tablet. It runs on the Google Tensor G2 processor, 128GB (or 256GB) of built-in storage, 8 Megapixel cameras on the front and back and a beautiful 11″ screen. The power button doubles as a fingerprint sensor. You’ll find speakers on the left and right sides of the tablet (when held in portrait mode for watching video). That’s pretty much it, the Pixel Tablet is exactly what you would expect from a high-end tablet in 2023.

The charging dock transforms the Pixel Tablet into a smart home display

Included in the box is the Pixel Tablet docking station that transforms the tablet into a smart home display. It is covered in fabric, akin to what we’ve seen with other Google Nest Home devices and has 4 pins that stick out slightly on the mounting surface. When you place the tablet up against the dock you’ll find the impressive magnet almost “suck” the tablet to the mount. The tablet starts to charge and the screen switches to a smart home mode very similar to what we’ve seen on other Google Nest Home smart displays.

Using as a tablet

The Pixel Tablet is thin, lightweight and the screen colors pop. The Tensor G2 processor is super speedy for most apps and will likely be plenty to keep up with most apps and games you throw at it. The 8MP cameras are perfect for video calls with family and friends. Android is better on the tablet than it has ever been before. The built-in gestures (swipe up to go home, swipe up and hold to see your running apps, etc) feel super natural on the tablet. Frankly I think these gestures work better on the tablet than on the Pixel phones. Nonetheless, the Pixel tablet is everything you’d expect a high-end tablet to be in 2023.

What’s up dock?

The included charging/smart home dock is the icing on the cake. This is what makes the Pixel Tablet so special. I just don’t understand why it took us so long to get here? The magnetic connection feels perfect and when the tablet is attached it feels like it was meant to be. The speakers in the dock sound pretty good for their size. They definitely sound much better than the speakers built into the tablet itself.

What I really love about the dock is that it gives me a place to store my tablet and keeps it charged. Almost every tablet I’ve had in the past ends up in a drawer and is never charged, so I never use it. Not only would I use this as a smart display, I’d also be more likely to yank it off the dock and use it as an actual tablet.


The Pixel Tablet is a great tablet… easily one of the best your money can buy in 2023. It’s fast, looks good, feels good and will run just about anything you can throw at it. The included dock is a huge bonus both as a charger and as a place to use your tablet as a smart display.

Should you buy it?

Well, that depends. At $500 it’s not cheap. Most high-end 11″ tablets will run you about the same price. If you want a high-end 11″ tablet that runs Android, there’s no question, the Pixel Tablet should be at the top of your list. With that said, if you’re just looking for a smart display and rarely see yourself taking the tablet off the dock, I’d stick with the Google Nest Hub Max. While the Pixel Tablet makes a great smart display, you’d be better off saving $270 if you don’t need an actual tablet.

I’m giving the Pixel Tablet 4.5 out of 5 geeks! It’s an awesome tablet that doubles as a smart display.

You can buy the Pixel Tablet (with included dock) at major retailers or directly from Google for $500.

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