Tech Junkie Review – $20 wireless earbuds that you may not even notice

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We love our wireless earbuds! At the grocery store, at the gym and even at work, we see people wearing them everywhere! While most ear buds are pretty noticeable, especially those iconic Apple Airpod sticks, one company is out with earbuds designed to ignored. I took the JLab Go Air Tones True Wireless Earbuds for a test.


The Go Air Tones are pretty standard issue wireless ear buds. They come with multiple rubber tips so you can swap them out to fit your ears. The buds look simple enough, the only buttons are touch sensitive buttons on the outside of the earbuds.

Drop the buds into the included charging case to juice up for 8 hours. The charging case will give you 3 additional charges for a total of 32 hours of play time on the go. In my testing the charging case worked as expected. My favorite thing about the case is the built in USB plug. You won’t be left searching for a charging cable. Simply pull the plug from the bottom and connect it to any USB port. Anytime I can cut down on the needed cables in my life, I’ll take it!

The Go Air Tones sound good. Not necessary great but at this price point, you’ll have a hard time finding anything better. Call quality was good in my tests and music sounded good when the buds were properly seated in my ears. Bass was actually pretty impressive for a small set of buds at such an affordable price.

The most notable feature of the Go Air Tones is the color. The buds come in 7 different colors, designed to match your skin tone. These are the first set of wireless earbuds that I’ve seen that are truly designed NOT to be noticed. Sure, they’re not invisible but they won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

The BEST thing about the Go Air Tones is the price tag, just $20! You can buy them directly from JLab, on Amazon or at major retailers.

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