Take a look inside Myrtle Beach's 'Barbie Dream House' as movie tops charts

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NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – “Barbie” has been a huge box office success, outperforming projections over the weekend.

The movie reached No. 1 with $155 million sold in ticket sales in U.S. theaters.

Many may not know, though, that North Myrtle Beach has its own Barbie dream house.

Right off Highway 17 is a vacation rental called “Inn the Pink,” but it’s also known as the North Myrtle Beach Barbie Dream House.

Co-owner Cristy Weber said she had been wanting an all-pink house for four years, way before the Barbie movie was getting buzz.

Weber said she originally wanted it for fun – not really something that would work for her everyday life. She said she wanted vacationers to North Myrtle Beach to feel good and happy about themselves while in the house.

“Like in the game room out back, they could have different balloon arches and different signs and stuff like that,” she said. “And really just give them a plethora of Instagram photos so that they don’t have to go and spend all this time decorating and spend part of their vacation doing that to get ready for their bachelorette parties and things like that.”

Weber said she didn’t know about the movie release when they closed on the house on March 31 and opened it in June for short-term vacation rentals, but she said it was perfect timing.

“We went and looked at the house down the street and driving by this one, this home was blue on the exterior, and I told my husband, ‘I want that house for my pink house,’ and he said, ‘no,’ and I was like, ‘yes,'” Weber said.

Weber said the house’s name was inspired by its pink exterior paint.

“I just started out with my wallpapers . . . I just started researching all the wallpapers I wanted. I think we have about 10 or 11 wallpapers in the house,” Weber said. “I decorated off of that. I went with all the pink colors and then with the home décor that I could find from local stores and online, like Amazon and things like that.”

The house is about a six-minute walk to the beach and can sleep up to 22 people, but 15-16 comfortably.

Weber said she always wanted to use her talents in a special way.

“The Lord is using you through this timing with the Barbie movie, and we talked about doing some different types of charities, like auctioning off the house … to raise funds for girls and just some different things,” she said. “We got some things we’re going to do in the works.”

Weber said they just started pool construction between the two-house structures, and they are also adding fencing and a mural to the backyard.

She said staying at their house is just like living in a “Barbie World.”

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