Speakers Corner: Scarborough ‘angel’ puts needs of others before her own

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In today’s Speakers Corner, we’re hearing from Danielle Giggie, who reached out to us to share a story about her friend’s daughter.

“She cut off her hair — and has done so several times,” Giggie said.

She’s talking about Dianna-Claire Martineau, of Scarborough. She’s in her early thirties, has Down Syndrome and yes, her hair is shorter than normal after a recent cut.

“When her hair gets to a certain point, she looks at me and says ‘mom, it’s time for it to go bye bye,’ ” said Dianna-Claire’s mother, Nancy-Jane.

When we asked Dianna-Claire why she does it, she responds simply by saying “For the children.”

Specifically, children battling cancer. She has grown her hair out, and then has it cut donating it to a group called Angel Hair for Kids.

“Angel Hair for Kids helps mainly children who’ve lost their hair after undergoing treatments for cancer,” Nancy-Jane said.

Dianna-Claire has done this seven times already and is growing her hair out to do it again.

Dianna-Claire Martineau shows off her hair before donating it to children with cancer. CityNews

“Most families have been touched by cancer and a number of people in our family have,” Nancy-Jane told us. “So Dianna-Claire made the choice that she wanted to help children who have cancer.”

She does so unselfishly and not for fame. Again, CityNews only heard about this story because Giggie reached out to Speakers Corner.

“It touched my heart and those I told,” Giggie said. “I thought ‘why shouldn’t we spread this story to everyone.’ ”

But Dianna-Claire’s kindness goes far beyond giving up her hair.

“She just has the ability to love deeply in this world and she’s so joyful and happy,” her mom said. “She probably tells me 40 times a day ‘I love you mamma.’ Her language may be limited but they are such wonderful words that come out.”

Dianna-Claire Martineau and her mom
Dianna-Claire Martineau and her mom share a happy moment. CityNews

Dianna-Claire is involved with a community theatre group and is very active with Variety Village.

Watching her touch a number of people in this world is amazing. She spreads love everywhere she goes.”

Her mom hopes by sharing her story, others will donate to a worthy cause as well.

“She’s inspiring and maybe if someone who sees this gives back, then its all worth it,” her mom said.

For more information on Angel Hair for Kids, click here.

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