Louisiana city sets disturbing record with 6th mass shooting of 2023

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SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) — This week, Shreveport, Louisiana, reached a troubling milestone with its sixth mass shooting of the year, setting a new city record for the highest number of mass shootings in a single year.

The latest violence unfolded during a large party on the 4th of July where multiple partygoers were shot. Police said more than 200 people were attending the party when two groups of men opened fire.

Jadajah Thomas, who was at the party at the time of the shooting, described the chaos.

“We was sitting in the car for like 15 minutes when we heard shots everywhere,” said Thomas. “We also was driving past, trying to get out. We was right here. We seen people laying out dead on the ground.”

Tabatha Taylor speaks at press conference after July 4 mass shooting (Source: KTAL/KMSS staff)

During a press conference Wednesday, District 2 Commissioner Lyndon Johnson expressed shock. “Right now, I’m just in awe of what has happened today. This street is family tight. Everyone is real close. This community is hurting right now.”

Shreveport Mayor Tom Arceneaux said the injury to the neighborhood is severe.

“Every death, every injury from gun violence affects all of us and diminishes us as a community,” Arceneaux said.

Other officials expressed outrage.

“I am looking for justice for these families, said Shreveport Councilwoman Tabatha Taylor. “And I want this justice to reflect full prosecution, no sympathy, no empathy because you didn’t give no empathy to the people you hurt. None.”

While there is no universally agreed-upon definition, mass shootings are widely recognized to be when three or more people are shot in a single incident.

According to the Mass Shooting Tracker, since 2013, Shreveport has not seen more than four mass shootings in a year. This isn’t the first time Shreveport has seen a mass shooting on a holiday. An online dispute led to a brawl on Halloween 2016 that violently escalated, wounding four people.

March is typically the deadliest month in Shreveport, with five mass shootings since 2013.

Below is a list of every mass shooting in Shreveport in the past 10 years:

2023 (to date)

Date Dead Wounded
January 22 0 8
March 4 0 4
March 24 0 4
March 25 1 5
May 14 0 4
July 4 3 7
Mass Shooting Tracker


Date Dead Wounded
April 2 1 3
Mass Shooting Tracker


Date Dead Wounded
January 3 2 3
February 28 0 5
April 18 0 6
September 4 1 4
Mass Shooting Tracker


Date Dead Wounded
January 31 0 4
July 15 1 3
November 15 0 5
Mass Shooting Tracker


Date Dead Wounded
March 10 0 4
April 7 0 4
June 15 0 4
Mass Shooting Tracker


Date Dead Wounded
April 15 0 6
May 27 0 4
Mass Shooting Tracker


Date Dead Wounded
January 29 1 3
Mass Shooting Tracker


Date Dead Wounded
May 5 2 8
July 7 1 3
October 31 0 4
Mass Shooting Tracker


Date Dead Wounded
July 5 0 8
September 12 0 4
September 23 0 5
Mass Shooting Tracker

There were no mass shootings in 2014, according to the Mass Shooting Tracker.


Date Dead Wounded
March 2 1 3
Mass Shooting Tracker

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