Los Angeles residents getting mystery Uber Eats deliveries

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(KTLA) – One Los Angeles neighborhood is being bombarded with Uber Eats deliveries the residents did not order or buy.

The deliveries started about two weeks ago, and seem to be focused in the area of Range View Avenue in the Highland Park neighborhood. They’ve been showing up at all hours.

One man said he received 13 deliveries in one day, none of which he ordered. His neighbors had similar stories.

Caroline Aguirre said she’s received items from “low-fat milk, to a Danish, to chicken McNuggets, french fries, an egg croissant.”

The free food was “a nice treat at first,” William Neal said, “Then, when it became too much food at once, we’d try to find places to donate it or give it away.”

“It was bag after bag after bag, sometimes three at a time, 3 in the morning, 5 in the afternoon,” he added.

One neighbor even put a “no deliveries” sign on his front door, but the surprises kept coming, up to 10 bags a day.

The residents said the names on the orders, primarily fast food, did not match anyone who lives there. Some of the neighborhood’s residents don’t even have Uber Eats accounts.

Neighbors told KTLA that other delivery services, such as DoorDash and Postmates, have been involved as well, though it’s been too difficult to contact any customer service representatives to learn more.

San Francisco-based Uber told the Los Angeles Times that the company has launched an investigation into the bizarre, relentless deliveries.

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