Kitten takes a wild ride underneath California woman's SUV

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(KTLA) – A kitten in California wasted no time cashing in one of its nine lives.

A Buena Park woman was driving last week when, according to the Orange County Fire Authority, she saw the kitten sitting in the middle of the road.

She stopped her SUV to move the furball out of harm’s way, but by the time she got out, it had already disappeared, so she continued on with her day.

“When she stopped at her destination she heard a kitten meowing, then heard it again when she got home later that day,” O.C. Fire Authority posted on Instagram.

The woman knew the kitten was hiding somewhere in the car, but she couldn’t figure out exactly where. So she decided to stop by Fire Station 61 and ask for help.

The frightened kitten was found hiding in the underbody of the woman’s SUV. (Orange County Fire Authority)

Firefighters jacked up the SUV and got to work removing parts of the underbody. Sure enough, they found the terrified kitten and removed it.

“Happy to report the kitten was not injured and has already been adopted to a loving home,” the Fire Authority said.

Kitten rescued under car
Firefighters removed parts of the SUV’s underbody to rescue the kitten. (OCFA)

Instagram user @_kimberly_08 identified herself as the driver. She said the cat survived a ride on the 405 Freeway and hung onto the car “for hours” as she visited a museum and eventually returned to Buena Park.

Kitten rescued under car
The cat was unharmed and has been adopted, firefighters say. (OCFA)

“Thank you so much for caring enough, and taking the time to help this angel kitten-station 61, you are the BEST!” Kimberly said. “He was def. meant to be here and find the happy home he’s in now.”

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