Indiana road rage shooter sentenced to 80 years after trying to hire hitman to kill witnesses

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FISHERS, Ind. (WXIN) — An Indiana man who was triggered into a fit of violence over a honk was sentenced to 80 years in prison after pleading guilty to attempted murder during a road rage shooting in the city of Fishers.

Trevor Dahl, 25, has a history of rage behind the wheel, one that reportedly spiked into violence at the mildest of occurrences. Dahl’s attempted murder charges stem from a Nov. 2022 incident during which Dahl fired a gun at least three times at a driver who honked at him for idling in a parking lot lane.

One of the bullets struck the driver near the right knee, causing the victim to crash his car.

Trevor Dahl, 25, was sentenced to two consecutive 40-year terms after pleading guilty to attempted murder. (Fishers Police Department)

A previous incident, only days before the attempted murder, occurred in Noblesville, Indiana, where Dahl reportedly fired his gun and shouted “I’ll f—ing kill you!” at a salt truck driver who was turning into a parking lot. The salt truck driver told police Dahl was enraged due to having to slow down as the truck was turning.

Even while behind bars, Dahl is accused of turning to violence as a way to solve his problems. In March, Dahl was charged with conspiracy to commit murder after contacting a supposed hitman while in jail and attempting to have two witnesses killed before they could testify at his trial.

The witnesses included a woman and a juvenile, court documents said. Dahl offered up his 2004 Acura TSX as payment and included descriptions of both witnesses along with where they lived and worked in the letters meant to be given to the hitman.

Dahl ended up speaking to an undercover detective who had posed as a hitman, according to court documents. During a phone call with the detective, Dahl agreed the Acura was worth $2,000 and said he would pay an additional $3,000 for both hits, saying “it would be easier to go ahead and gut it all and not have anything” about the female witness.

When talking about the juvenile, Dahl said “We don’t want anything left,” according to the court documents.

Dahl pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted murder on June 30. He was sentenced to 40 years for both counts and ordered to serve the sentences consecutively. His other charges were dismissed as part of the plea deal.

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