Her Las Vegas home has been hit 8 times, and she's afraid next time will be deadly

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) —  A Las Vegas woman has seen countless cars speed by her house – and eight cars smash into it.

Rose Mary Romero said she has lived at her home on Marion Drive for more than 30 years, but in the last seven years the speeding, and crashes, have gotten worse. The last crash was two weeks ago.

“This is the eighth time,” Romero said. “Most of the cars that come don’t have insurance and they take off.”

Rose Mary Romero says speeding traffic on this nearby street has sent eight vehicles hurtling into her front yard (KLAS)

Romero said the hit-and-run incidents have caused her homeowner’s insurance to skyrocket.

“It’s ridiculous,” she said.

Lester Coon, Romero’s neighbor who is confined to a wheelchair, said he can’t even sit out on his front porch without the worry that he may get run over. 

“Something needs to be done before someone gets killed out here and I feel like I am trapped in my own home,” Coon said. “I get out here and I get nervous going up and down the sidewalk.”

A barrier in Rose Mary Romero's front yard is shown shattered, its remains scattered across the front lawn.
A barrier in Rose Mary Romero’s front yard is shown shattered, its remains scattered across the front lawn. She says it’s “ridiculous.” (KLAS)

Fearful that someone will be badly hurt or killed, Romero and her other neighbors created a petition. That petition was given to the county commissioner for Romero’s district, but she said she never heard back.

“I think we need bumps and maybe put a crosswalk for the kids, when the kids are crossing to go to the park,” Romero said.

In addition to speed bumps, residents in the area said the block is in desperate need of better lighting, plus another crosswalk with blinking lights. Romero is afraid the improvements may come too late.

“They almost hit a kid the other day, and they’re not going to be happy until they kill one of these kids.”

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