Gubernatorial candidate in South Carolina gets endorsement from opponent's ex-wife

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – South Carolina State Sen. Mia McLeod earned an endorsement from her opponent’s ex-wife just a day before voters cast their ballots in the state’s 2022 gubernatorial primary.

Amanda Cunningham, who was once married to former Congressman Joe Cunningham, announced her support for Mia McLeod in an email to the media Monday.

Cunningham said her values line up with McLeod’s and noted that it was time a woman “held the mic” when it comes to South Carolina leadership.

“For the last decade, my work has been rooted in advocating for female equality — fighting gender-based violence and intergenerational poverty by helping uplift voices quieted from systemic oppression. The system is long overdue to have women in places their PowHERful voices are heard to create, nurture and enact policies that drive all humankind forward.

“In alignment with my work, my values, and the change I wish to see, I am excited to support Mia for SC as our first Black female Governor of South Carolina,” said Cunningham.

She added, “Mia’s life has been spent in leadership roles where HER innate ability to advocate has shone bright and she has demonstrated her words match her actions in our state’s legislature over the past 12 years. She is not afraid to be herself or speak up to those who have held the mic for far too long. Mia’s well-earned experience and feminine embodiment will make for a governorship that is representative and fruitful for all.”

Joe and Amanda Cunningham announced plans to divorce in March 2021. They co-parent their child, Boone.

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