Cow smashes into doctors' office after jumping off trailer in Virginia

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ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) – A very confused cow had to be rescued from a physicians’ office in Orange, Virginia, after leaping from a trailer and busting into the building.

The cow was being transported to Knight Cattle Company, in Gordonsville, when it jumped off the trailer. The animal then made its way to Orange Family Physicians, about an eighth of a mile down the road.

Locals self-proclaimed “cow catchers” Timmy Lamb and Sam Crawford said they received a call about the bold bovine outside the office only minutes after returning home from work. They immediately headed over on horseback to help retrieve the big animal. 

When Lamb and Crawford arrived, the cow became frightened and ran around the building, smashing through the glass doors of the office. 

“When it shattered the glass, it just kept on running through the building,” Lamb said.

(Timmy Lamb)

Crawford added that the staff was shocked to see the cow come through.

The men were ultimately able rein in the cow without harm, with Lamb roping its neck and bringing it outside where he tied it to a light post.

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