Cheez-It-themed rest stop opens in California for limited time

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(KTLA) – As summer vacation season nears and many Californians are planning to hit the road, Cheez-It is inviting travelers to visit its unique rest stop experience in Joshua Tree.

Located at a famous gas station and souvenir shop along Twentynine Palms Highway, the company has transformed the location into “the biggest, cheesiest roadside attraction to ever grace America’s beloved highways and byways,” according to the Kellogg Company, the owner of the Cheez-It brand.

For one week, from Monday, June 5, to Sunday, June 11, those who visit the location can fuel up with the “world’s first and only Cheez-It Pump” designed to pump Cheez-It bags into a vehicle.

Guests can also buy Cheez-It-related memorabilia and hard-to-find Cheez-It flavors at the connected shop.

  • Cheez-It experience
  • Cheez-It experience
  • Cheez-It experience
  • Cheez-It experience

The Cheez-It-inspired rest stop will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. through June 11.

“We know many Cheez-It fans love to travel and they never hit the road without their beloved Cheez-It. We created this brand-first desert outpost to capture the excitement of summer road trips and encourage fans who Want It. Need It. Cheez-It. to fuel up throughout their adventures,” Erin Storm, brand senior director for Cheez-It, said in a statement.

“The Cheez-It Stop will wow with exclusive merch, massive, sharable Cheez-It visuals and aisles stocked with our famous crackers — we can’t wait to see you there.”

The unique experience will also include “Instagram-worthy” photo opportunities, such as a giant Cheez-It box.

The rest stop is located about 128 miles from Los Angeles and about 168 miles from San Diego.

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