Bird strike damages Southwest plane landing at Burbank Airport

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(KTLA) — A Southwest Airlines plane sustained minor damage when it collided with a bird while landing at Hollywood Burbank Airport in California on Thursday.  

The bird strike happened at around 2:15 p.m. as Southwest Flight 1422, which originated out of Las Vegas and was on its final approach to land, Burbank Airport Communications Manager Mike Christensen told Nexstar’s KTLA.  

Aerial footage showed a significant dent to the nose of the plane, with the aircraft’s windshield possibly having also sustained cracks.  

  • Bird strike damages Southwest plane
  • Bird strike damages Southwest plane

Despite the bird strike, the plane was able to land safely, and no injuries to passengers or crew members were reported.  

The plane was later towed to another area of the airport where it was to be inspected for safety reasons as well as to see if any potential repairs need to be made.

“The aircraft is out of service to undergo a maintenance review, and a different aircraft was brought in to continue the flight,” officials told KTLA.

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